Personal Wisdom & Leadership Development

Enhancing Effectiveness & Life Balance.

Entry-level proposal: Personal Leadership Development

Any basic employee of any organisation of any size anywhere on the planet perfectly perceives the difference between a “boss” and a “leader”.

Do you?

Genuine Leadership can only be Self-Authored and therefore not begranted by anyone or any position. It actually is what “Authority” originally means. Genuine Authority can only emanate from Human Beings who cultivate Self-Knowledge. Self-Knowledge can only happen through Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness and Genuine Leadership are therefore the two sides of the same coin.

Our entry-level module focuses on values & vision as primordial rational tools to ground personal authority and to start, or deepen, the self-awareness journey. It helps leaders of the present, and of the future, grow into their higher potential through values alignment.


Core proposal: Personal Wisdom Development

A growing number of people and companies are finding that there is more to business and life than profits alone. At the same time, “pressure” and “stress” have become common words and factors in the workplace, increasingly followed by the expansion of the “burn out” phenomena as a direct consequence. In a global context in which complexity constantly raises and the pace seems to become always faster, sustainable personal effectiveness becomes an even bigger day-to-day challenge. It therefore becomes an absolute necessity to develop the ability to step back, to connect more often to our inner-peace and resources. And the only way to achieve this is to consider one’s Work, Life and Personal Growth as intimately interconnected and as different expressions of the same whole human being. Through a mindful approach, leaders improve not only their stress-management capabilities and Life balance, but gain clarity in their decision-making, improve their ability to relate and unleash their creative capacities.

The courses and workshops are always adapted to the needs of the group. They cannot but start where participants actually are. Amongst the main takeaways, the following are nevertheless always part of the “package”:

  • To integrate New Perceptual Tools. To shift, refresh and enlarge the way we understand the World, the Global context, Business, Work, Power & Ourselves to gain clarity and precision in times of transition and/or confusion
  • To enhance Life Balance. To Develop a vigilance on stress-level on a daily basis and have an idea of which technique to choose and to focus on in order to manage and, ultimately master, pressure & stress in the future.
  • To integrate that "Stopping" and "Stillness" are fundamental competencies enabling an upgrade in effectiveness
  • To clearly distinguish our 4 Intelligences - Body, Mind, Heart, Source - and understand how they interrelate
  • To be aware of what in us is the product of conditioning and what is not, and where do “decisions” indeed come from
  • To understand that genuine Response-ability is a joyful “flow state” driving force and cannot possibly be a pressure-driven burden
  • To connect more and more often to an inner-source from which inner-peace, creativity and wisdom are always available
  • To actualize what success, progress and growth mean for individuals and organizations

Topics Covered :

  • Epochal and Personal changes
    • Paradigms & Paradigm shifts at personal and collective levels
    • Anatomy of the Old Paradigm
    • Overcoming the Fear of Change and of the Unknown
    • Observable Glimpses of The Emerging Future
  • The 4 Intelligences: Body, Mind, Heart, Source
    • Personal & Organizational Stages of Development
    • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation and Driving Forces
    • Personal Sense of Wholeness
    • Shifting from being Reactive to being Creative & Proactive
  • Meditation practice: Tapping into a Deeper Source of Knowledge and Being
    • The Competency to Stop
    • Balancing the Doing and Being aspects: Availability, Inner-Space and Presence
    • Stillness & Silence as resources
    • From decision-making towards decision-emerging
  • Discernment between Ego and True Self. Which parts of you “run the show” and “decide”?
    • Understanding the Ego-Structure and how conditioning operates
    • Seeing what you are not and dis-identify from it
    • From being lack-driven to fullness-driven
    • What is Consciousness?


Intended Audiences:

  • Business Schools: Elective MBA Program & Open Enrollment Workshops
  • Executives, For-Profit & Non-Profit: Workshops & Retreats
  • Open-Minded & Courageous Individuals and Organizations committed to upgrade their own coherence & authenticity

This course requires open-mindedness. The ability & willingness to question oneself is a prerequisite. It is particularly suitable for individuals who are open to, or already experienced, self-awareness and inner-work oriented approaches.


"Amazing! It was excellent, and I would recommend it as well as do it again"

"Everyone in business should take this course"

"Reconnecting with myself in order to be more effective in business and my personal life"

"I feel refreshed, a whole new energy"

"Unexpected and wonderful"

"An amazing experience and surprising to have it in a business school! Congratulation to BSL to start this"

"It is truly a “one-of-a-kind” experience that will be very useful to grow personally"

"It is an eye-opening course that makes you want to look at life and yourself in a whole new way"

"A totally unexpected and very useful subject for an MBA"

"This course and topic are of paramount importance to the evolution of humanity and as a result, business as well"

“Very helpful to manage stress; the techniques were well explained”

"I appreciated the value it brings to businesses"

"I felt truly relaxed during/after this course"

"The course opened my mind; I got a lot of insights about my life and career"

"I appreciated the exercises of yoga/meditation; the sharing; the power of the take-away. I appreciated all. Very good course, very good teacher"

"I appreciated the way the group formed as such a participating and trusting entity; the truthfulness of each participant; the different backgrounds of each participant; the sharing of the experience of JP"

"Insightful, alternative way to cope with one’s stress"

"Incredible to blend business and spirituality"

"Thanks a lot to propose this elective"

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