About Jean-Philippe Challandes


Short version:

  • Before: Pro sports background (Ice Hockey goaltender)
  • Now: 7 years of Business School teaching. +1500 students, +100 nationalities, MBA, Master, BBA levels + Workshops for executives, teachers, coaches, psychologists & individuals in transition and open to inner-work
  • Academic research (in Brazil, Portugal & France): specialist of  “Modernity” and the “Modern Mind-set”– and therefore of the current transition out of it and beyond it – and expert in understanding, breaking and overcoming that very paradigm
  • How: bringing creative ways of “connecting the dots” between self-awareness, leadership improvement and business & Life effectiveness
  • What: opening hearts & minds to new possibilities
  • Why: because I enjoy it & feel purposeful in doing so

Long version:

I turned 50 in 2018 and, when I look back, I see an incredibly intense, bumpy and diverse life pathway I start to fully feel happy about. Four solid experiential pillars are the foundation of everything I offer and share in my courses, workshops, keynote speeches and mentoring-coaching processes.

For the past 7 years, I have been mostly involved in teaching Self-Awareness & Leadership oriented courses in Business Schools at MBA, Master and Bachelor levels. The more than 1500 students, of more than a 100 nationalities, I met during that stretch have been a fabulous flow of live Human information. They helped me understand who the young adults of the new generation collectively are, yet how beautifully diverse and unique they remain as individuals (as soon as we scratch the surface). Through them, I became more clearly aware of the conditioning and beliefs of our common past they still hold and which, I believe, need to be shifted and enlarged for us to move to the next level as a species. I also witnessed a surprisingly high ratio of remarkably aware young people who are clever enough to ask themselves, when they are 20, some of the questions my generation started to ask only in the midst of the so-called mid-life crisis.

Leaping further in my past, I now see how the 20 years during which I intensely played Ice Hockey, 4 of which as a professional goaltender, were undoubtedly the first landmark and cornerstone of my adult life. Even now, 23 years after I stopped playing, I keep discovering what team & elite sports taught me. What sports really (but I mean really, not the cheap clichés about it) is about remains a never-ending source of inspiration and, by extension, a fascinating keynote topic.

Then came the Academic chapter. As an obvious outcome, all the necessary certifying “labels” that come with it. The stuff that is supposed to be attractive on any CV: a PhD & a Sorbonne-stamped Post-Doc. Yet, this is “thin ice” compared to what this whole 7 years full time research focus and process were about. Yes, I sure did meet the technical Academic standards. And the high level of requirements of that “Universe” indeed IS a skill I am happy to have developed. By extension, for both projects I started with a blank page, had to create them, propose them to funding institutions, win the competition to actually be funded, and manage all the deadlines until the final delivery. In my world, I now call this “entrepreneurship” and, here too, I feel happy to have experienced that whole process twice for both the PhD and the Post-Doc.

Even more important though was the pioneering, innovative and exploring dimensions that must be demonstrated in any project of that kind. It sure is a micro-territory, but still one on which you are supposed to be the world number 1 for a short while, at least until you defend your thesis. Just like in Sports, having an experiential “taste” of what the high-water mark of world-class human excellence feels like (in any given area in any moment in time) is, for me, both a privilege and an asset. Another important by-product of those research projects was that they led me to be fully integrated and live in 3 different countries, each of which helped me enlarge my worldviews.

What I researched about remains nevertheless very accurate after all those years. Roughly, I am an expert in the Nation and State building process. That also means the making of the Modern Mind-set, collective identities, collective beliefs and myths, nationalism and, even more important, power and relations of power. Does anyone see the connection with organizations, leadership and businesses🙂? All in all, I reached the conclusion that to become fully aware of the “stories” we were born into – and therefore we don’t even “see” - is both an absolute necessity and a precondition to become able to innovate and to write new ones. And I am utterly convinced this is very much needed in the times of deep transition, uncertainty and confusion that we currently go through as a species.


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