Discernment & Inner Wisdom

for Times of Transition and Confusion

"What you are not aware of runs you."

"A leader should be able to see things that other people are not able to see."

The always faster pace of modern life and increasingly VUCA* global context deeply challenge the effectiveness and balance of many people and organizations. It also makes it much more complicated - in particular for leaders - to keep a sense of clarity and to know how to navigate in this intense stream of continuous, profound and confusing change.

To remain grounded while heading towards highly uncertain and unpredictable horizons, the ability to stop and to access stillness become paramount competencies. The latter are not only the gold standard of stress management and transformation, but also enhance decision-making, relationships and creativity.

My approach catalyses practical wisdom and self-inquiry into everyday life. But it, as importantly, provides a widened and deepened understanding of the transformations currently occurring on our planet, in our society and economy. It offers refreshed “lenses”, or “perceptual tools”, to discern better how to creativelyrespond to these changes both at collective and individual levels.


 * (wide-spread acronym for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous)

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